Beard Balm

100% natural. We use only natural ingredients and deliberately do not use synthetic fragrances or dyes. That’s why our beard care balm is skin-soothing, easy to melt and absorbs quickly. The beard gel gives your beard a shiny shimmer.

Nourishes and moisturises deep into the root, thanks to moisturising Cannabis Seed Oil and beeswax. The beard wax quality locks in moisture in the hair, thus promoting beard growth and ensures a smooth, soft beard.

The unique properties of hemp oil is now combined with a rich blend of natural oils and plant extracts to promote healthy beard growth, nourishment and condition, restoring your beard hair to its unrivalled glory.


Best to apply in the morning or after washing your face. Pour a small amount in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, so it thinly covers your palms and fingers, then run your hands through your beard in the direction it grows.